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Young Man Turns Into A Cow After Reportedly Sleeping With His Neighbor’s Wife

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A man has been seen in a new viral video that has just surfaced as he turns into a cow for reportedly sleeping with his neighbor’s wife.

This is from a video that has garnered a lot of reaction on social media

In the video, a yet-to-be-named man is seen wailing in pain as his lower body turns gradually turns into an animal – a cow.

His lower legs are seen turning into a cow’s trotters. A look at his back as well sees him developing a cow’s tail.

Check out the video below or to see more viral, educative & exclusive videos.

These are a few reactions below:

This doesn’t add up

He slept with a married woman this is the outcome be careful magic is powerful

This is strange 😳😳😳

Lol he slept with someone’s wife 😂

He has been bewitched