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Vanessa Bryant weight gain; Has Kobe Bryant wife gained new weight

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Vanessa Bryant weight gain – The late NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant’s wife’s weight has been a challenging issue on social media. A lot of gossip and poop are trending on the internet. Vanessa Bryant weight gain is true. 

This article is going to give all the updated news about the weight gain by the NBA Superstar’s wife Vanessa Bryant, whether she has gained weight or not.

Vanessa is also a well-known American Philanthropist who got married to NBA SuperStar Kobe Bryant. She grew up in California in a city called Huntington Beach.

Vanessa Bryant
Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant weight gain has also been a surprise to her family and the country as a whole.

She belongs to the Mexican, German, England, and Irish ethnicity.

Vanessa Bryant weight gain

Vanessa Bryant weight gain is a topic on social media her followers have been arguing about Vanessa Bryant weight gain.

These speculations from her followers were due to the latest pictures and videos she posted on her Instagram and Twitter pages.

And our research from Fobes, Wikipedia, Vim Buzz, and other websites confirms that she has gained a new weight.

Vanessa Bryant weight gain is true. She is not pregnant.

Vanessa Bryant’s weight gain is 60pounds in addition to her previous weight which was 236pounds. Her new weight gain now is 296pounds.

She has also been recognized by the world due to her appearance in some music videos such as Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and many more.

Kobe Bryant together with her wife Vanessa Bryant in their marriage journey has been blessed with 2 handsome and 2 beautiful children.

They had four children altogether.

Their children are Natalia who was born on 19th January 2003 as their first child. After Natalia, she undergoes surgery during her second pregnancy.

She experienced a miscarriage in her second pregnancy in 2005. She then delivered another child called Gianna Maria Onore on May 1, 2006.

Also, she gave birth to another child Bianka in 2016, and Cari in 2019 is the last child of Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant.

Recently, she uploaded pictures on her Twitter page with her children on a journey to Italy.

Vanessa Bryant New Boyfriend

Vanessa Bryant’s weight gain also led to the furphy that she is pregnant. Her fans were anticipating that the pregnancy is for Derek Fisher who is also a former player for Black Mama.

These rumors also uplist the issue that she is in a secret relationship with Derek Fisher.

Later Derek Fisher released a photo with her wife and children on his Instagram page confirming that he is married.

Afterward, the followers of Vanessa Bryant got to know that he is not responsible. Derek Fisher is married to Govan Gloria.

Again, the wife of Kobe Bryant was questioned by her followers on her Twitter page ‘Who is Victor Ortiz to her’. She has not replied yet to it.

Kobe Bryant has been given the honor of the Superstar in the history of the NBA. Although the great NBA play has passed on the organization still gives him the needed accolade.

The Kobe Bryant trophy is always presented to the Most Valuable Player by the committee in honor of the NBA. SuperStar.

How Vanessa Makes Money

Of late Vanessa has been well known on the internet due to her new weight gain. Also, she has flaunted money on social media pages most especially on her Twitter and Instagram pages. Her way of getting money is through her own business ventures and enterprises which involves her hard work as a model and actress. There is no doubt that she is listed and named among the world’s richest people nowadays.

Vanessa Bryant Weight Gain FAQs

How much is Vanessa Bryant’s net worth

$600 Million U.S dollars.

What is Vanessa Bryant’s ethnicity


How old is Vanessa Bryant’s youngest child

Capri is the youngest child among their children and the child is 3 years old.

Who is Sophie Laine’s husband?

Stephen Laine.

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