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Twin Sisters Declear On Live Tv They Want To Marry One Man (+Video)

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Incest continuous to be against the laws of the land. In our traditional settings, it’s an abomination. The Akans call it “mogyafra.” Our laws and culture flown on such act. In other jurisdictions, it’s allowed. Siblings from the same parents are allowed to marry.

Two sisters have confessed their readiness to go against this tradition. According to them, they are prepared to marry one man although it’s against their religion, laws, and traditions.

In an interview with Romeo on Accra FM, the two said they want to stay together. Not ready to be separated. Therefore, in accordance, they want to marry one man. If two sisters are marrying one man in different countries, they can also do the same in Ghana. Nothing is new under the sun. Such act is being practice in Ghana, just that it’s not in public domain according to them.

Giving the type of man they want, the two sisters said God-fearing man, a man who can take good care of them and love them equally.

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