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This isn’t the 4 more to do more you promised –actor Prince David Osei to Akufo-Addo

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Prince David Osei is on a rampage on social media complaining bitterly about the economic situation in Ghana.

He is complaining about the current government and the stress the people of Ghana have had to go through in recent times with the standard of living.

Prince David Osei who played a key role in giving the government a second term said what is currently happening is not what was promised.

He is calling on the government to make things happen because the stress levels of the people of Ghana is worrying.

Prince David Osei drew the attention of the President that the people are not happy with what’s going on and the earlier something is done about it the better for the government.

“Mr President , fellow NPP and fellow Ghanaians.. This is not the 4more4Nana to do more, what is going on? We have to stop pretending in the name of party colors and speak Up now!! You called me the Ghanaian advocate, hence I am speaking for my people Sir, we are not happy Sir! @nakufoaddo

I have defended You and NPP on countless occasions made a lot of enemies for myself, but Mr President all is not well in the nation, my confidence in the administration is gradually dissipating as the clock ticks!! Nana Show Boy as you are affectionately called, please show yourself that you capable because the street is hell right now! God bless our motherland.”