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She’s an Ewe girl – Kennedy Agyapong speaks after his daughter swept awards at high school graduation

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Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Assin Central MP, was a proud father watching one of his daughters, Yvonne Agyapong, win most of the awards at her High School graduation.

Speaking to The Announcer Newspaper, a Facebook portal, the outspoken lawmaker stated that his daughter was able to excel in the midst of whites.

He boldly added she, together with her other two siblings are all Ewe girls from Adidome and the two before her enrolled in top Ivy League schools, a path Yvonne is set to tread.

A Ghanaian has made it in the midst of all whites. It tells you that you don’t give up in life; you have to study hard. So, let’s use this to motivate our kids. I’m proud of her and all her sisters.

“The first one went to the University of Pennsylvania, the second one went to Johns Hopkins University and she is going to Yale University. They are all Ewe girls from Adidome.

“Let’s take good care of our kids no matter what. We have to show love to them and encourage them in their studies,” Kennedy Agyapong said.

Yvonne Agyapong, aside from mounting the podium to receive her graduation medal, was one of two valedictorians, who delivered a speech that lit up the crowd and motivated the graduating class of 2022.

She won four subject specific awards and two school awards for her strides in the prestigious American college.

The subject awards included: Best in Social Studies, Spanish, Mathematics and English.

She was a co-winner of ‘The School Consultative Board Award’ along with one Michael Palacio, for which they received individual plaques before she was invited to also collect ‘The General Excellence’ Award.

The Agyapong family was well represented at the event. Kennedy Agyapong and his wife, Yvonne’s two older sisters and an elder brother, were full of joy as were some members of the Ghanaian community present.

In her address to the Class of 2022, she motivated them to never stop believing in themselves.

“I want you to have the confidence and inner strength to leave this lawn today and turn the world absolutely upside down, no matter what you do and how challenging it may be.

“You have 167 classmates who can’t wait to watch you do it. With that, I leave you with this advice for the road ahead: life will always be 100% worth living, but it might not always be worth loving, so I hope you can at least love every version of yourself along the arduous way. Once again, it has been an honour to speak to you all. The biggest of congratulations to the Class of 2022!’’ she concluded.