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Scam: How Popular Street Kid Is Using Broken Eggshells To Take Advantage Of The Goodness Of People In Accra

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In Accra, they say you have to live by plan… and that’s been made manifest in all the corny schemes people come up with to pry on the kindness of others.

Others also do it to take advantage of and perhaps to extort money from the unsuspecting public.

The story of people faking their misfortune in order to court public sympathy is not new, especially in this part of our world.

However, many people do not actually bother to probe further anytime they come face to face with such people. They are usually moved by the situation and offer to help.

That is how come a popular street kid in Accra has devised a clever way of splattering eggshells on the floor or ground to attract the sympathy of the public.

Per the modus operandi, he is usually found crying while seated across eggshells spattered on the floor. He paints the touching story of sorrow and asks people to help.

Due to his pitiful demeanor, he gets people to actually pay for these eggs which are supposedly destroyed.

He picks them up, as though he was returning to his home and then finds a vantage point to carry out the same trick. There, he sits across the eggshells, cries, and also gets people to pay for the damage.

Before the day ends, this popular Accra street kid is able to make a lot of money. He has individuals who train and task him to carry out the deceptive act perfectly.

Well, after a careful study of his dealings, it has been revealed sadly that what he had been up to was a scam. He was followed and seen at three different locations carrying out the prank.

Be on the lookout. You may be surprised.