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Revealed: Fake Things Ghanaian Celebrities To Do Trend And Facts About Their Lifestyle

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A Ghanaian celebrity’s life is usually a never-ending cycle of pleasing fans, followers, and admirers. Most of these celebrities portray themselves in a different light as a result of their actions.

The majority of these celebrities have succeeded in concealing themselves behind a cosmetic display of self-aggrandisement in order to smear their rivals, take a shot at their rivals, or purchase compassion and support from their praise-singers.

In this edition of Celebrity Life and Facts, we’ll lift the veil of deception that most Ghanaian celebrities have employed to hide their phoney lifestyles and portray an unreal and unrealistic picture of their lives to the outside world.

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Caveat: Note that this does not imply that all celebrities are lying. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Some of these superstars live open and honest lives, but the ones who don’t are the ones who make the most noise about everything.

These “celebrities” or “famous people” use the power of social media to live fictitious lives. They frequently share posts that do not accurately reflect their current situation. They also create trends with the intent of capturing the attention of naive fans and chasing transient clout.

They will go to any length and go above and beyond to build a social media world based on fictitious luxury, wealth, and comfort, misleading the public and gaining cheap social currency.

Do you believe you’ll be able to see what your favourite Ghanaian celebrity is up to? Well, you should pause and reconsider your attitude about celebrities’ lifestyles. It’s important to remember that they are known as celebrities for a reason. Never try to imitate their way of life.

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Fake Things Ghanaians Celebrities Do To Trend


Because many people define success in terms of the worth of the things they own, most celebrities portray a different picture of reality for their fans and following in order to stay relevant or trend.

These celebs excel at it by flaunting their new automobiles on social media, singing about non-existent bargains, and meticulously travelling around the world.

The majority of celebrities show off their glitz and shine while hiding their tears, emotional breakdowns, and difficult moments. They are frequently dealing with significant issues, but they are afraid of being judged as impoverished and having their standards lowered if they ask for help.

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Medikal is a good example. He claimed to have paid a high price for a gold-plated watch, but this was not the case.


The majority of female celebs use their fashion choices to set trends. They purposefully wore provocative outfits to have the world speak about them.

Some of these celebrities cater to their fans’ and social media users’ desires by posting nudes in order to get popular. They play it so well because they know most people will fall for their antics.

Because most Ghanaians are enamoured with nudism, twerk videos, and exposing clothing, the majority of these female celebrities publish them on a daily basis in order to stay in style.

Efia Odo, Yaa Jackson, Shugatiti, and others are excellent examples. They publish these luscious mouth-watering photographs or videos on their social media profiles when they feel their interest is waning in order to be talked about and trend. Don’t get taken in by it.


Some celebrities are extremely skilled at fabricating accidents, illnesses, and disasters. They come out and say they’re sick, have been in an accident, or are dealing with a major problem.

They usually do this to gain public sympathy. Shatta Wale, for example, pretended to be shot and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, he was out there spreading frigid information in the hopes of becoming popular.

Funny Face is another example. The comedian has been experiencing a mental breakdown and has threatened to commit suicide. It may be determined that, aside from the possibility that Funny Face is suffering from depression, it was all part of a master strategy to get him to trend.

Most of the time, you don’t have to believe a celebrity unless you see video evidence of what he or she claims happened to him or her. These celebrities’ attempts to trend and gain clout are usually a clumsy ruse. Don’t rush to sympathise with them by providing money or crying wolf for them. Don’t get taken in by it.


Celebrities are notoriously loud people who, like all donkeys, enjoy hearing themselves bray. That is why a celebrity will brag about the new homes he or she has purchased, the new car, and the new this, that, and the other thing.

Why do you feel compelled to fall for it? These fame-seekers use theatrics and social media antics to entice admirers into their web of lies and deception.

The majority of these celebrities do not own the houses they show on the internet. Either the property was purchased for someone else or it is just owned by someone else.

However, in order to gain credibility and create the illusion of pomp and grandeur, they post these photographs on social media with sugar-coated remarks to deceive admirers and followers.

They do it to keep up with the times. Don’t get taken in by it.


The wealthy do not need to prove their wealth to anyone.

On social media, be wary of superstars who flaunt their dollars, pounds, and cedis. Most of the time, they do not own these funds, or what you see is a forgery. Regrettably, fans have predetermined notions about who their favourite players are. Based on what they allow you to view, many people believe they are wealthy.

However, the majority of these celebrities who go online to brag about their wealth and the amount of money they have in the bank are usually lying. Do not be fooled.

The genuine ones have no need to show you how much money they have. Some of the celebrities that do this are in serious debt, and most likely owe Qwikloan (to put it mildly).


Your favourite (and sometimes not so favourite) celebrities frequently share images from their vacations in Malibu, Fiji, or Dubai. They allow their admirers and followers to practically participate in the excellent life they appear to be living.

The majority of these celebrities utilise these films and images to mock rivals and other celebrities, giving a clear message that “I have arrived.”


The majority of the social media brawls and antagonism, dubbed “Beef,” that celebrities use to air their dirty laundry and drag each other is planned and phoney. Most of the time, these celebrities organise their “beefs” to draw attention to themselves, a project they’re working on, or simply to stay current in their respective sectors.

Some celebrities who feel they are slipping out of the system reach out to the power players to help them put together a beef in order to revitalise their dormant careers or give their dwindling renown a boost.

Whatever the cause, as a fan, follower, or netizen, you must recognize that whenever these superstars are berating each other to the delight and adoration of all, it is usually not as serious as they make it appear.

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At the end of the day, they return to assess the results of their “beef,” patting each other on the back for a job well done, while fans continue to deal with the “beef” that has been left on them. You must remember that the majority of our Ghanaian celebs fabricate “beefs” for monetary or social gain, so take everything with a grain of salt until it reaches the Supreme Court…lol!

The Medikal and Strongman beef, as well as many other ‘beefs’ that come to mind, are good examples.


  1. Most Ghanaian celebrities are not as wealthy as their admirers believe.
  2. Most Ghanaian celebrities are not as educated, knowledgeable, or exposed as their social media posts lead you to assume.
  3. The majority of Ghanaian celebrities lead borrowed lives. Others are bankrupt but refuse to admit it.
  4. The majority of celebrities are dealing with serious personal concerns. They are struggling with deep-seated issues underneath the fun and smiles. Be fair to them.
  5. The majority of Ghana’s celebrities are unfit to be called “celebrities.” However, the system, in combination with its personnel, has afforded them an exceptional prestige at a low cost.
  6. The majority of celebrities are paid to live their lifestyles. Third-party organisations or individuals cover the majority of their trips, clothing, and general expenses.
  7. The majority of Ghanaian celebrities do not make their money simply from what they are known for. The majority of them have side hustles to supplement their income.
  8.  The true celebrities are seldom mentioned in the media.
  9. The majority of Ghanaian celebs are fame-hungry and power-hungry. They’ll go to any length to become popular, in the news, and the talk of the town.
  10. Celebrities aren’t supermen or superwomen. They are as ordinary as the rest of us. They have a significant advantage over the competition due to their celebrity, success, and wealth.
  11. The majority of celebrities compete with one another. Female celebrities, for the most part, dress to embarrass their counterparts. Their opponents and rivals are the focus of the majority of their social media posts.
  12. The majority of these female celebs portray unreal body proportions and curves.

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