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Prophet Jones K. Korsinah call on Government to go into large scale farming to ensure food security

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Christians Commemorate Independence Day In Churches call on govt to go into large scale farming to ensure food security.

Independence Day celebration in Ghana has always been a memorable occasion. The day is declared a national holiday, marked with lots of activities, such as national parade of school children and many Ghanaians thronging the various entertainment spots in the country.

Some people paint their bodies with the colours of the national flag (red, gold and green, with a touch of black), whilst others adorn paraphernalia in the same colours.

This year’s Independence Day celebration, however, fell on a Sunday. With Ghana having a predominant Christian population, many were of the view that this year’s celebration will be held low key, as majority of the citizens will be in church.

However, for some Christians, Sunday’s historic independence celebration even added more flavor to the occasion, as it afforded them the opportunity to pray to the Almighty God for the country. They were of the view that the recent increases in fuel and food prices, as well as the incessant water shortages call for divine intervention.

At the God’s Haven Ministries, a charismatic church located in Accra, the Head Pastor – Prophet Jones Korsinah – led the congregation to pray for the leadership of the country to enable them put in place initiatives that will benefit the country.

They specifically prayed for the country to roll out programs and policies that will generate abundant food, water and reduce fuel prices, since these are the basic things that people in a country need to survive.

Giving reasons as to why he raised such a prayer topic, the Head Pastor noted that Ghana gained independence before countries like Mauritius and Kenya, but data and reports show that these countries are doing far better than our beloved country.

He noted that Mauritius gained independence on March 12, 1968 and Kenya gained its independence on December 12, 1963 while Ghana gained independence on March 6, 1957. This is 10 years earlier than Mauritius and 6 years earlier than Kenya, yet these countries are doing better than Ghana.

He indicated that the effect of hardship can be seen in the rise in armed robbery, kidnapping, corruption and other social vices. He, therefore, called on all Christians to pray for the leadership of the country to come up with better initiatives that can alleviate the woes of the country.

“When a nation is deteriorating, corruption increases, armed robbery increases. If somebody wants to snatch a common ‘yam phone’ from you, it should tell you that the country is sick and needs to be prayed for.”

Speaking on how the country can attain food, water, fish and fuel security, Prophet Korsinah said that the government should support people to dig wells in their homes and communities. He noted that this will help solve the water scarcity situation that the country is facing.

On food security, the Head Pastor said that the citizens, especially the youth, should be encouraged and supported to engage in large scale farming, including fish farming.

He said the country has vast farm lands and enough water bodies for these activities; hence government should channel its resources into these areas for the betterment of the country.

Prophet Kosinah sent a word of caution to Christians who politicise issues that have something to do with the welfare of the country and advised Christians who are closer to the political leadership to proffer solutions to the government.


Source: Agnes Ansah (GHM)