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Popular Ghanaian Celebrities Who Use Uber Because They’re Broke & Can’t Afford To Buy A Car

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Being a celebrity in Ghana ought to be added to one of the most challenging tasks in the world. I don’t know if it is the same in other countries. Moreso, I can only talk about what I know so that’ll explain why I’m limiting it to Ghana.

In Ghana, the expectation of the public is enormous. Most of us feel that these “celebrities” are rich and so we raise standards for them.

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Mostly, these celebrities fall prey to these high expectations and as a result, end up living fake or “allo” lives. Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese addressed the issue of fake lifestyles in their song “Allo”. Simply, some of us do not understand that being a media personality, musician, actor (tress), social media influencer, you name them, doesn’t necessarily translate into rolling in lots and lots of cash.

As a result of the high expectations placed on these celebrities by people who do not really understand that being a celebrity isn’t automatically equal to being millionaire, most of these celebrities become “victims of expectations” and resort to other illegal means to maintain some form of “class”.

How many of these celebrities know that Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, uses a Honda Civic? Yeah,  you’re seeing right! But what can we say? Generally, because of our low standard of living, we’re quick to rank people according to our own standards.

The bottom line is that we’re humans and irrespective of one’s status as a celebrity, owning a car isn’t a must. What’s more important is securing the future in order to prevent struggling in old age. Even the loudmouthed millionaire, Kennedy Agyapong, advised Medikal not to engage in the needless buying of flashy cars but that he should instead concentrate on investing.

After all, if you resort to living fake lives as a celebrity, the future will expose you. There’s no need living to please people.

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Some celebrities have stayed real and do not engage in the “battle of lavishness” and still use UBER as a mode of transport. They have stood strong on their feet and vowed not to succumb to any unnecessary pressure from fans.

Let us have a look a some of these celebrities who are keeping it real by using UBER.

Efia Odo

The American slanging celebrity has severally said that she uses UBER. As a result of her way of dressing, a lot of people expect that she drives one of the luxury cars gracing the streets of Accra. She has consistently said that she will use UBER until she has the means to afford a car, and moreover, she has priorities.

She is on record to have completed her mum’s house. Congrats to her!

Don Little

His real name is Stephen Atanga. The diminutive actor is currently stranded in the U.S.A as a result of the coronavirus and has severally called on the government of Ghana to come and get him. He doesn’t shy away from talking about his financial challenges. He’s also one of those who use UBER.

AY Poyoo

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The goat! His ingenious style of music has endeared him to the hearts of many, and currently, his “I am the goat” music video which was uploaded on Youtube has accumulated over 1 million views. He’s also one of the celebrities who go round in an uber. The way AY Poyoo is rising so fast, we won’t be surprised to see him thanking himself with a car soon.


Her real name is Faustina Amissah and is famed for the roles she plays in Kumawood movies. She also happily goes round in Uber. “She can’t coman kee herself.” She loves to leave a decent lifestyle and wouldn’t want to engage herself in any activity that would tarnish her image in order to get a car for herself.

Shatta Bandle
The young rich nigga who claims his chain is worth 95 thousand million dollars and jokingly saying he’s richer than Dangote is also without a car, lol. .Despite achieving celebrity status through bragging, Shatta Bandle also uses Uber. His real name is Firdaus Iddrisu.

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God loves small and humble beginnings. Don’t let us put pressure on our celebrities or people in general. When the time is due and they can afford it, they will buy. Remember that our priorities are different from theirs.