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Micah Bigelow – What Happened To The Florida Man Who Died In A Fatal Car Accident

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Micah Bigelow‘s story is quite heartbreaking most people got to know about the death of the logger who perished in a fatal car accident after the tragic incident was reported in the news.

Until his shocking death, Micah was a fitness trainer and logger who was born in the early 90s. Currently, his exact date of birth is not known but it is believed that he was in either his late 20s or early 30s.

He had AED, First Aid/CPR, OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Training, and basic fireman certifications aside from being a certified logger and fitness trainer.

For his fire service career,  he was a member of the brave fire team that fought in California’s worst wildfires, such as the August Complex, Butte in Anadoe, Calaveras, Mendocino Complex, SCU, and LNU Lightning Complexes

Just like his exact date of birth is not known the same as his educational background. The only information about his education states that he attended Albert Michelson Primary School and then Bret Harte High School from where he graduated in 2005.

How did Micah Bigelow die?

Micha Bigelow was pronounced dead after he was rushed to the hospital following a fatal car crash on May 2, 2022. 

After his family heard the news, they rushed t the hospital hoping for him to survive but unfortunately, he died while battling for his life on life support.

Micah Bigelow Cause Of Death

He suffered an injury in his skull and also lost a lot of blood after the car crash. The cause of his death is a fatal car accident that happened on May 2, 2022.

Wife & Kids

He wasn’t married at the time of his death. He once dated a lady by the name of Robin Vang but they separated after 2 years.

Micha was also not survived by any children.

Micah Bigelow Net Worth

His estimated net worth was just around $50,000. He had only one car and was living in a rented apartment.

Micah Bigelow GoFundMe

After his death, Micha Bigelow reportedly set up a $10,000 goal GoFundMe campaign to organise and pay for his funeral.

Out of the $10,000 goal, the family only raised $2,030. The reason behind the low turnout of funds was that Micha was not a celebrity or a socialite.


This article is about Micha Bigelow, his cause of death, his funeral and GoFundMe – I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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