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Kirill Bichutsky Obituary – What Happened To The Russian- American photographer

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Kirill Bichutsky Obituary – Currently, there’s a trending rumour regarding the death of Russian American photographer and business owner.

To know all the truth behind the disturbing trending rumours, kindly read the article below to know more…

Who Is Kirill Bichutsky

The world photographer is a Russian citizen who was brought up in the United States of America and currently residing in New York City.

He was born on 9th June 1984 in Russia in a city called Moscow. Russians have acknowledged and recommended Kirill Bichutsky as the best photographer in the Russian country and across the world.

He is a fan of parties and posting videos and pictures of himself partying and travelling across the world.

Aside from his partying and travelling lifestyle, he is also having 1.2 million flowers on the social media platform as a photographer.

Kirill Bichutsky Net Worth, which is a $1.5 million dollar upbringing in the United States of America was due to the migration decision made by his parents.

Kirill Bichutsky Obituary

The reports about the death of Kirill Bichutsky went rife on the internet after a picture of him on the hospital bed was shared on his IG page.

In the picture, Kirill was lying unconscious with several drips on him.

This picture made a lot of his fans on various social media platforms draw the conclusion that he has died.

Almost all the comments under the photos were condolences messages to his family because it was fast assumed that Kirill has passed on.

Is Kirill Bichutsky Dead Or Alive

Kirill Bichutsky is alive and not dead as reported by some media outlets and social media users following his hospitalisation post claiming that he was no longer alive.

According to our research, the 37-year-old photojournalist is alive and not dead

Kirill Bichutsky Obituary – Cause Of Death

Since he’s not dead, his cause of death remains void.


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