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Kelly Ronahan Story – Amputation And Her Life After Surgery

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Kelly Ronahan Story – Many social media users got to know about the sad story of TikTok star Kelly Ronahan after news went rife that she needed an amputation to save her life.

Carefully read the article below to know what actually happened to Kelly Ronahan.

Kelly Ronahan Story

Kelly Ronahan was a very active and energetic woman who was a ballet dancer before she underwent surgery to save her life.

Before her amputation, she moved from one hospital to another but none of the doctors she visited was able to accurately diagnose her illness which led to the amputation of her legs.

According to rumours, Kelly allegedly injected faeces into her legs fight sepsis and that was the beginning of her worries but she claims she never did that.

Kelly Ronahan Story – What Actually Happened To Her

In 2014, Kelly Ronahan became an internet sensation after doctors placed her on a weekly blood transfusion after she developed a rare blood disease.

Apparently, her haemoglobin count dropped every week making her condition very dire and worrisome.

She continued to undergo blood transfusions at the end of every month and by march 2016, she had received a total of 96 litres of blood.

Kelly was steadily recovering until doctors later found out that she had developed another rare health condition. Her health continued to slump and she had developed leg pains and unusual blisters al over it

As revealed by Kelly in one of her Instagram posts;

“I receive three bags of blood every two weeks, so that’s three people, three blood donors, saving my life every two weeks.”

 “After being confined by my legs for so long, the experience was intense. Today I’m incredibly sore, and I’m loving it!”

“I’ve been in a dark place for SO LONG, SO LONG. My mind is attempting to frighten me: “OMG, what if it happens again? What if this is a nightmare and I wake up with rotten legs?” 

After she posted what she was going through on the internet, a lot of social media users claimed that she had made up her story just to go viral but that was far from the case because her story was actually true.

Between 2016-17, she claimed that the pain she was suffering from her leg was unbearable but doctors denied her any sort of pain reliever.

In 2019, her health condition improved and she posted pictures of herself walking for the first time after months of being paralyzed.

Her legs also looked very healthy because she had undergone a graft. She shared the good news on her social media pages by writing;

“It was so intense after being trapped by my legs for so long. I am admittedly very sore today, and I love it! I’ve been in such a dark place, for SO long, so so long. My mind is trying to syk me out – omg what if it happens again – or – What if this is a dream and I wake up with rotten legs?”

Kelly Ronahan Amputation

Kelly Ronahan Story took a different unanticipated twist in 2019 because that was the year she got her legs amputated to save her life.

Well, days after she posted a video of herself walking for the first time after months of staying indoors, Kelly got admitted to the hospital again.

During her admission to the hospital, Kelly complained to the doctors that she couldn’t feel her legs and ankles.

Her complaint made the doctors conduct another test on her because she had started developing wounds on her legs which had refused to heal despite medication.

Kelly was poorly responding to recovery and her condition was worsening as the days went by hence doctors recommended amputation.

After she was told that she needed to amputated her legs in order to survive, she took to her social media pages to break the saddening news to her fans;

She wrote;

“I started physio only several hours after surgery. Good fuck it hurts, but I’m not interested in spending yet another summer in bed – going to be working hard. Not gonna lie, I cry about 20 times per day, I’m absolutely devastated and shocked to shit with this. It’s HARD.”

She sadly got her legs amputated and updated her followers on the internet that she’s now fine and safe.

She also revealed that she will get prosthetic legs to aid her in walking but she’s yet to post on it.

Where Is Kelly Ronahan In 2022?

Kelly Ronahan has left social media for some time now. She’s now enjoying a quiet life outside of social media. The last time she made a post on the internet was on April 6, 2021 – Where she shared a picture of herself with the caption

I would most likely apply to compensate for my inner “beauty.” I do. I’ve been displaying my inner ugliness on the outside.

Kelly Ronahan Instagram

Kelly Ronahan’s Instagram page hasn’t been active for 1 year now after she got her legs amputated.

Is Kelly Ronahan Dead Or Alive

Kelly Ronahan isn’t dead, she’s alive just that her posts on social media have totally declined.


This article was about Kelly Ronahan Story – We also talked about some of the highlights of her life.

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