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Josh Jacobs Kids – How Many Children Does The Footballs Star Have

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Josh Jacobs kids – Josh Jacobs nicknamed Dynamite is one of the most controversial figures in the NFL. Rumours have it that he’s the father of 8 children with different women and has a 9th child on the way

In this article, we are going to address the spreading reports about Josh Jacobs having 8 children and set the records straight once and for all.

Who Is Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs is a professional American footballer who currently plays for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League (NFL).

He was born on 11th February 1998 making him 24 years old now. Josh Jacobs’ parents Marty Jacobs and Lachelle separated when he was just 8 years old therefore making him depend on his father alone.

After his parents’ separation, Josh and his four siblings stayed in their father’s car for some time before finally renting an apartment.

He began playing football at McLain High School in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma and later continued to play for Alabama college.

Back in 2019, Josh signed a four-year, 11.9 million contract with the Raiders, which included a signing bonus of 6.6 million.

His brother Isaiah Jacobs also plays as a running back fit the Maryland terrapins.

Josh Jacobs Kids

Last year in December, Josh Jacobs took to his Twitter page to page to react to the rumours that he has 8 children with 8 different women and that his baby number 9 was even on the day.

The football star threatened to sue all the blogs that had reported the fake news about him as he hinted in a tweet that he was in talks with his lawyers.

The rumours that Josh Jacobs has 8 children were first started on Instagram by Wags Unfiltered 2.0 on their gossip page.

A post from the page that went viral on social media and garnered massive reactions and engagements categorically stated that Josh has 8 kids.

The now-deleted post on Wags Unfiltered 2.0’s IG page read;

Josh Jacobs is one of our mascots. It’s an unwritten rule over here. So allegedly, Josh has eight kids with eight different women. We’ve reported before on his three kids that we were aware of, but there’s more. We reached out to Josh to get some answers, but no response. So we did a little of our own digging and found his basketball roster, I mean baby mothers.

Now, these aren’t in any specific order, but allegedly these are the mothers of his kids. @jusfreeyurmind @taylorsemone @dess.tanii @allienyx @ogchelsss @summerrxo @hausofsunshinne (who I’m assuming deleted her page) and Janee, who doesn’t have an Instagram, but she has his first child Braxton. So if I counted correctly, that’s 8. JOSH, IS IT AGAINST YOUR RELIGION TO PULL OUT? We need to have a sit-down.

ON TOP OF THE 8, a baby is allegedly on the way. So at this point, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that Josh was trying to compete with Future, and he is now winning the race. CONGRATS JOSH, but have your people call my people because the tea is overflowing, and I can only hold this stuff in for so long.

Josh Jacobs Kids – How many Children Does The Football Star Have

Josh Jacobs Kids – The famous American footballer has 4 children and not 8 or 9 as rumoured. The four children consist of one boy and three girls.

Clara is his oldest daughter, Margo is his second daughter, Mollie is his third daughter, and Charlie is his son.

Josh Jacobs Wife 

Josh Jacobs is not married and little to no details are known about the mother of his kids. We can’t tell if all his 4 children belong to the same mother or different mothers.

Josh Jacobs Kids FAQs

Who Is Josh Jacobs Wife


Josh Jacobs Son

He has one son and his name is Charlie Jacobs 

Does Josh Jacobs have a child

Yes, he has children

Josh Jacobs Oldest Kid

Clara Jacobs is Josh Jacobs oldest child.

Josh Jacobs age

24 years old


This article about Josh Jacobs kids has clarified that he doesn’t have 8 children as speculated but rather 4

Source: Ghtalkative.com