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I slept with a Pastor’s wife without knowing she was marrried – Kofi Adomah recounts

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Kofi Adomah has recounted how a man whom he chopped his wife confronted him.
Radio and television broadcaster Kofi Adomah has recounted how he chopped a married woman and how her husband confronted.

Addressing his past promiscuous lifestyle and how his wife. Mrs Miracle Adomah has endured it, he talked about how some of these women force themselves on him.

He shared a story of how an abroad based woman he was having long distance relationship traveled to Ghana to sleep with him.

He says he never knew she was married and never suspected her because every time they talk be it day time or night, she was alone.

Apparently she was married but never disclosed this to him till he chopped her.

The woman flew to Ghana for him to chop her till he got to know she was a married woman.

According to Kofi Adomah, one day he had a WhatsApp message from a man and that was when he got to know the woman was married