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George Zimmerman Net Worth; Is he poor or rich – All you need to know

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George Zimmerman net worth -The former student of Osbourn High School College and Seminole State College George Zimmerman is an American citizen who has a bad name.

His fabled name across America and the world as a whole was a result of killing his own friend called Martin.

George Zimmerman after assassinating Martin posted the dead body on his Twitter page.

His wife at that time was afraid to continue living with him hence she had to run away for her life.

The wife wrote comments on her Twitter page that George Zimmerman has been threatening to kill her.

Who Is George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman is a famous American who is well-known as a serial killer for killing his own friend Martin.

He was brought up by both parents in a city called Manassas located in Virginia in the United States of America.

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman

He always celebrates his birthday every year on 5th of October 1982. He is currently 38 years old. George Zimmerman’s mother is called Gladys Cristine and his father is Robert Zimmerman Sr.

His zodiac sign is known as Libra according to astronomical studies who have been studying George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman Wife

The wife’s name is Sheilie Zimmerman. The two married in the year 2007 and got divorced in 2013.

George Zimmerman Siblings

The number of videos and pictures posted by the eminent American Painter on his Twitter page shows that he is having three siblings.

The siblings are Robert Zimmerman Jr., Grace Zimmerman, and Dawn Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman Net Worth

George Zimmerman Net Worth is very overwhelming. According to research the total wealth of the American professional painter is estimated to be $11 Million dollars.

According to our research, it was revealed that the increase in his net worth was due to the sale of the gun he killed Martin.

The gun wealth him $250,000 dollars.

Michael Zimmerman’s Net Worth

Michae Zimmerman a relative to George Zimmerman who is also working as an independent director at STIFEL FINANCIAL CORPORATION has a net worth which is estimated to be $ 3.38 Million dollars. He also owns more than 1,389 units of Stifel Stocks which offers him an amount of over $3,073,737.

For the immediate years about 19 years, he made a sell-out of Stifel stock which was worth more than $117,000 dollars. He receives a salary as an independent director at Stifel of $192,369.

George Zimmerman Wiki

Popular Name                                             George Zimmerman

Real Name                                                   George Michael Zimmerman

Gender                                                         Male

Birth Sign                                                    Libra

Date of Birth                                               5th October,

Place of Birth                                              Manassas, Virginia, USA

Age                                                              38 years

Mother’s Name                                           Gladys Cristine

Father’s Name                                             Robert Zimmerman Sr.

Siblings                                                        Dawn Zimmerman, Grace Zimmerman, Robert Zimmerman Jr.

Religion                                                       Christianity

Sexuality                                                     Straight

Lives                                                           Manassas

Relationship                                              Divorced

Education                                                  School Osbourn High School College and Seminole State College

Children                                                    Unknown

Wife                                                          Sheilie Zimmerman

Year of Marriage                                      2007 to 2013

Height                                                      1.7m

Weight                                                     136kg

Hair Color                                                Black

Eye Color                                                 Black

George Zimmerman Networth FAQs

Is George Zimmerman free?

George Zimmerman has been set free by the court and the man is moving about freely in the United States of America.

Where does George Zimmerman live today?

He is currently living in Manassas in Virginia in the United States of America.

What is George Zimmerman’s job?

He’s a neighbourhood watch coordinator and works as a professional painter.

Who was Trayvon Martin to George Zimmerman?

The two were having a close relationship but has not been revealed yet whether there is anything that exists between them aside from the close relations.

Where is Trayvon Martins now?

Trayvon Martin is dead of a gun shoot by George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martins friend

Trayvon Martin’s friend is Rachel Jeantel. This girl has passed through a lot due to the death of her friend Trayvon Martin.

How did Trayvon Martins death happen?

George Zimmerman was the main cause of Martin’s death. He shot the young schoolboy to death.

Has George Zimmerman been involved in an accident before?

Yes, he was involved in a fatal accident with Matthew Apperson. This accident led Matthew to 10 years in jail.

Was Martin richer than Zimmerman?

George Zimmerman’s net worth was noted to be increasing every year. George Zimmerman’s net worth is $11 million dollars. Martin’s net worth is $16 million dollars. Martin is rich than Zimmerman.

I hope this article answered your question about ‘George Zimmerman Net Worth’. Despite having an awful reputation, George Zimmerman Net Worth is very impressive.

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