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Fox Sullivan Spain Cause Of Death – How Did The 3-Year-Old Boy die

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Fox Sullivan Spain Cause Of Death – Fox Sullivan is a celebrity kid who died when he was just three years old. The little angel has been dead for two years now but social media users are still digging to find the cause of his shocking death.

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Who Is Fox Sullivan Spain – Short Bio

Fox Sullivan Spain was born on August 6, 2017. His parents are Reanne Spain(Mother) and Mitchell Spain (Father).

Before Fox Sullivan’s death, his parents normally shared short videos about their awesome family on the internet and this made them very famous.

Initially, the reports of Fox’s death were said to be fake until his parents confirmed the tragic story on their social media platforms.

They broke the sad news in a short video while bitterly crying their eyes out.  Hours after Fox’s parents confirmed his death #restinpeacefox took over social media trends most especially Twitter.

His death later became a global topic because he was just a toddler who died under very puzzling circumstances.

Well-wishers who placed themselves in Fox’s parents’ shoes immediately set up a GoFundMe account to support the bereaved family.

Prior to the GoFundMe account, Reanne and Mitchell had revealed in one of their short videos that they were financially crippled and needed help ASAP.

As of the publication of this article, $24,240 has been raised so far from the targeted goal of $10,000.

Fox Sullivan Spain Cause Of Death

It’s been two years now and the cause of Fox Sullivan Spain’s death hasn’t still been established. Surprisingly, both of his living parents have refused to go into details and requested privacy on the matter.

Fox Sullivan Spain died on this fateful day October 5, 2020. If there’s an update on the cause of his death, we will do well to notify you our cherished readers.

Fox Sullivan Spain Age

Now that we have discussed Fox Sullivan Spain Cause Of Death, let us branch into topics of interest about the late ‘warrior’.

Fox was born on August 6, 2017 and died on 5th October 2017. He was just three years old when he died.

Who Are Fox Sullivan Spain Parents?

His parents are Reanne Spain(Mother) and Mitchell Spain (Father). They are both Spanish. They have created a Youtube channel named ‘I Am Here’ in loving memory of their beloved son.

Fox Sullivan Spain Education

Late Fox never attended any school in his entire life this is because he died when he was just 3 years old and was now learning how to talk properly.


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