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Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan; Bio,Wiki, Relationship, Husband, Children & Others

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This article contains all that the fans of the well-known American bodybuilder Cedric McMilliann wife called Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan. This article is going to focus on who Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan is, her career, profession, age, nationality, wife, children, cause of death, facts, and others.

Who Is Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan?

Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan is a well-known wife and famous American bodybuilder and the United States Army Instructor called Cedric McMillan. She was born on the 28th of February 1977 in the beautiful and attractive city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan is at the age of 45 years. She spent the whole of her life with her late husband Cedric McMillan.

Both Cedric McMillan and his wife Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan were blessed with four kids in the marriage. The kids are LeMae McMillan, Seven McMillan, Necoda McMillan, and Eli McMillan.

She grew up together with her siblings in the Netherlands. Aliana Matulessy-Mcmillan, Maya Matulessy-Mcmillan, and Anna  Matulessy-Mcmillan are her siblings of her.

Annet Matulessy-Rahantoknam is the biological mother of Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan and her siblings according to our research.

Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan & Cedric McMillan
Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan & Cedric McMillan

Eva together with her mother and siblings is living in the Netherlands.

Eva graduated from a college known as Queen Wilhelmina college in Culemburg in Netherlands.

After announcing the death of his husband, a lot of condolences were sent from social from her followers. Also, her friends called to condolence her for her loss.

Her husband’s cause of death was revealed as a result of the COVID – 19 but it was also believed that Cedic was having some health and heart diseases.

Who Is Cedric McMillan?

Cedric McMillan was an America Army instructor, professional bodybuilder, and an IFBB in the United States of America.

Cedric McMillan was born on 17th August 1977 in Maplewood in New Jersey in the United States.

He died at the age of 44 years a cause of health and heart complications according to his personal doctor and the doctors who diagnosed him.

Cedric’s death was announced on BBC news and also on social media platforms.

Cedric as a bodybuilder was married to one beautiful Netherlands woman called Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan of which he had four kids.

He started his bodybuilding career at the age of 13 years. Cedric was a very fantastic and marvelous bodybuilder in the history of the world.  He won 8 titles and he was listed among the top 5 bodybuilders in the world.

Cedric McMillan Cause Of Death

This was a sad story to be delivered to the family of Cedric McMillan about his sudden death.

He worked in the US Army and the National Guard and is also known as a bodybuilder and the award winner in 2017 for the enormous award of Arnold Classic. The report and the breakdown of the death of Cedric were released on social media by Black Skull USA attached was the cause of his death.

He made it known to the followers of the popular American bodybuilder that as a result of COVID-19

Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan & Cedric McMillan Children

  • Seven McMillan who was born in 2006
  • Necoda McMillan was born in 2013
  • and Eli McMillan was born in 2008
  • LeMae McMillan

Cedric McMillan Net Worth

The professional bodybuilder has a total net worth of $7 million dollars. He generated this amount of money from his career and profession as an Army instructor and bodybuilder.

Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan FAQs

Who is Cedric McMillan wife?

Eva Matulessy-Mcmillan?

Is Cedric McMillan have kids

Seven McMillan, Necoda McMillan was born in 2013,  Eli McMillan was born in 2008, LeMay McMillan.

How tall is Cedric McMillan


How old is Cedric McMillan

44 years. 1977 to 2022

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