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Dream Sarae Lumpkin – Biography, Education, Siblings, Children, Net Worth and Facts

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Dream Sarae Lumpkin is the daughter of the famous American rapper and R&B singer, Ginuwine.

This article contains the biography, siblings, net worth, children, education, age, profession, and facts about Dream Sarae Lumpkin.

Ginuwine who is the biological father of Dream Sarae Lumpkin is an American. He also worked in the American entertainment industry. He’s a rapper and a songwriter.


Dream Sarae Lumpkin’s father celebrates his birthday on the 15th of October 1970. He is now 51 years of age as of 2022.

Sandra Lumpkin is the real mother of Ginuwine and his father is James II Lumpkin.

Ginuwine’s full name is Elgin Baylor Lumpkin.

He was given the stage name Ginuwine due to his performance and multiple platinum awards won by him.

Ginuwine’s Film Career

Ginuwine a famous and well-known personality in the American entertainment industry started his film career as part of his music career.  The award winner and the talented rapper lost his parents in his early life whiles he was a student.

He lost his father as a result of suicide and his mother dies out of cancer diseases. After the death of his parents, he decided to live his own life out of depression and grieving., A lot of counseling was given to him by his elders and most especially his church pastors. The first song he sang was about the death of his parents.

Some of his albums are Ginuwine the Bachelor, The Life, 100% Ginuwine, The Senior, Elgin, Three Kings, and many more.

Who is Dream Sarae Lumpkin

Dream Sarae Lumpkin is an American Rapper and R&B singer. She was born on the 1st of November 2002. She is 20 years of age now.

It is left with a few days for Dream Sarae Lumpkin to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Her zodiac sign according to the astronomers who are the followers of Dream Sarae Lumpkin has revealed that is Scorpio. Her ethnicity is black.

She is also becoming popular in the world due to her father’s good name made by him during his career in the music industry.

Sole is the mother of Dream. Her mother too was a rapper.

Sole is also an American citizen and was based in Kansas City in the United States of America.

She is having a lot of siblings namely; Story Asaundra Lumpkin, Elgin Lumpkin Jr., Ginel Lumpkin, Kayah Lumpkin, Cypress, and Dejan.

Dream Sarae Lumpkin Education

The daughter of Ginuwine is known to be talented wherever she finds herself. The information about her education is not yet revealed on the internet.


She is a rapper and a songwriter.

Net Worth

The 20 years old rapper and singer’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5Million dollars. The wealth of the youngster is from the amount she has generated from her music career so far.

Facts About Dream Sarae Lumpkins Father, Ginuwine

  • His ex-wife’s full name was Tony M. Johnson.
  • He met Tony in the year 1999 and dated her on October 1999.
  • Ginuwine’s first child is Story Asaundra born on 29th March 2001, and Dream Sarae Lumpkin born on 1st November 2002.
  • He married on 8th September 2003.
  • The rapper lives in Marylands.
  • Divorced his wife after 10 years of marriage on 22nd July 2015.
  • He married more than five wives.
  • Nine children.

Dream Sarae Lumpkins FAQs

What nationality is Ginuwine?


How old is Ginuwine in 2022?

51 years old now.

Who is Ginuwine’s real father?

James II Lumpkin.

Is Ginuwine alive or dead?

Ginuwine is alive.

Who is Ginuwine’s wife?


How old is Maxwell?

49 years old. 23rd May 1973.

How old is Raymond Usher?

43 years.

Who is Sole?

She is the ex-wife of the American rapper Ginuwine. She is the mother of  Sarae Lumpkin.

Who is Sole married to?

Professor Griff and Ginuwine.

What Sole nationality?


In conclusion, Dream Sarae Lumpkin is the daughter of the famous rapper Ginuwine.

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