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Dr Giovanni Quintella – All You Need To Know About The Brazilian Doctor

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Dr Giovanni Quintella became popular on the internet after she was accused of raping a pregnant woman who was under anaesthesia during a c-section.

In a video that went viral on various social media platforms, Doctor Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was clearly seen inserting his manhood into the mouth of the unconscious pregnant woman.

Following his trending footage of putting his manhood into the mouth of a patient, the 32-year-old doctor based in Rio De Janerio was immediately arrested.

Apparently, two nurses had suspected Dr Giovanni of engaging in such silly acts hence they placed a hidden camera inside the theatre room and it was then that he was busted.

After he was caught, 6 other women also came out to accuse him of sexually abusing them.

Dr Giovanni Quintella Video Twitter

Dr Giovanni’s video went viral on Twitter after the two nurses place a hidden camera in the theatre room which exposed how he sexually abused his patients.

In the sensitive video, Dr Giovann was seen putting his manhood in the mouth of a pregnant woman who was undergoing a C-section.

The nurses who brought his evil deeds to light claim he did the same thing to two different ladies before he was caught with his third victim on the same day.

Arrest And Detainment

On 22nd July 2022, Dr Giovanni was arrested by the Rio De Janerio state police for sexual assault and misconduct on his patient.

He was later arraigned for court and the judge who presided over the case sentenced him to indefinite detention in solitary confinement while the case is still being investigated.

At the moment, Dr Bezerra is detained at Bangu which is the largest prison complex in Brazil.

The prison houses almost 90% of Brazil’s most dangerous criminals who belong to various bloodthirsty gangs. The prisoners banged on the cell bars and booed upon his arrival, according to multiple reports.


This article is about a notorious Brazilian doctor named Dr Giovanni Quintella. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Source: Ghtalkative