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Dj Vlad Net Worth – How Rich Is The Popular YouTuber

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DJ Vlad Net Worth – In this article, we are going to talk about the net worth of DJ Vlad. If you love hip-hop music, make sure you go through the file of DJ Vlad.

This article gives you all the information you need about his net worth.

Who Is DJ Vlad – Short Bio

DJ Vlad born Vlad Lyubovny is a popular American interviewer, journalist, director, businessman and former disc jockey.

The CEO of video and news website VladTV.com was born on June 28, 1973, in Kyiv Ukraine to Russian parents who later moved to settle in San Mateo, California.

After completing high school, he got enrolled to study computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. He worked part-time at these tech institutions Intel, Sun Microsystems, and AutoDesk before fully going into content creation and music.

Growing up, DJ Vlad loved music and was hoping to become one of the best-selling rappers of all time but unfortunately, his dreams never materialised therefore he ventured into DJing and Youtube.

Currently, his youtube channel Vlad TV which was created in 2008 has more than 4 million subscribers making him one of the most well-known content creators of all time.

DJ Vlad Networth 

DJ Vlad Net Worth is not talked about most of the time because he likes to keep things to his chest.

According to research, he earns approximately $ 45.1K per month from his Youtube channel alone.

DJ Vlad net worth didn’t grow because of the high ROI from his Youtube channel alone, he also makes money from brands to promote their products.

The mixtapes he made when he was into active music-making also gives him some money regularly.

It is estimated that his total net worth is between $1.5 – $10 million.

DJ Vlad Income Sources

DJ Vlad’s income sources are YouTube, Brands Promotion and Music. Youtube gives him more money than the other two because his channel Vlad TV garners over 2 million views per day which gives him daily earnings of about $10,000.

DJ Vlad Net Worth FAQs 

How much is VladTV net worth?

Vlad TV is worth around $10 million. It generates annual revenue of about $3.6 million and $10,000 daily earnings.

DJ Vlad’s Vlad TV has more than 4 million subscribers and it has been active since 2008 with over 24,000 videos published on it so far.

How much did Vlad Sue Rick Ross for?

DJ Vlad sued Rick Ross in 2008 after he was attacked by the rapper’s entourage. He filed for a 4 million lawsuit.

New York federal court ordered Rick Ross to pay only $300,000 out of the 4 million lawsuit. Meanwhile, Rick Ross has always insisted throughout interviews that he was innocent.

Why did DJ Vlad Sue Rick Ross?

DJ Vlad sued Rick Ross for allegedly encouraging his entourage to attack him in 2008 during Hozone Awards in Houston.

After the attack, DJ Vlad had a cut below one eye that required seven stitches and potentially permanent nerve damage.

How does Vlad make money?

Youtube, Sponsorships, Music.

Is DJ Vlad Russian

He’s an American but of Russian descent

This is all you need to know about DJ Vlad Net Worth – I Hope you enjoyed reading the article. DJ Vlad Net worth is very impressive!

Source: Ghtalkative.com