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Clermont Twins Before Surgery; How was their appearance after & before their surgery  

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Clermont Twins Before Surgery – The news popping on social media nowadays is about the appearance of the Clermont twins after their successful surgery.

This article contains all that you kneed to know about the Clermont Twins Before Surgery, their plastic surgery, and the views and opinions of their followers.

Clermont Twins, Who are they

The Clermont twins are famous and popularly known as American models, television presenters, and fashion designers. They are born on the 21st of March 1994 in a beautiful city called Montclair, New Jersey in the United States of America.

Clermont Twins Before Surgery – Their real name is Shannon Jessie Clermont and Shannade Janee Clermont. The two are the youngest among their siblings. The twins are known to have five siblings.

Their parents’ names and other information concerning them are not available on the Internet. But their father is believed to have come from Haiti and owns a lot of companies and their mother is from Jamaica and is also working at a daycare.

The Clermont twins are the 28years of age. They use to celebrate their birthday on the 21st of every March in every year.

Their educational background information is not well known. Clermont Twins Before Surgery – They both attended a different university altogether.

Shannon attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and Shannade attended the Parsons School of Design. The two have graduated from their university and are now working as a model and television presenters.

As young and talented twins, the Clermont twins began their career in modeling at the age of 14 years when they were crowned as winners in their basic school for participating in a six-month event in modeling and acting in their school.

Clermont Twins Before Surgery – They are now the host of the show called Tyler Perrys House of Payner.

Their breakthrough year was believed to be in the year 2015b when they both appeared in the series called Bad Girls Club Series season fourteen.

The two also made their name popular by launching their out Boudoir fashion in the year 2017 which was designed to be timeless and revealed as equal parts  Western cowboy and Gothy 90s starlet.

Summary of Personal Information about Clermont Twins

Real NamesShannon Jessie Clermont & Shannade Jenee Clermont
Date of Birth21st March 1994
Place of BirthMontclair, New Jersey, United States of America
Zodiac SignAries
Age28years old as of 2022
Height In CentimetersShannon is 163 & Shannade is 168
Height In Feet5″4 & 5″6
Weight In Kilograms Shannon is 60kg and Shannade is 58kg
Weight In Pounds132Ib & 128Ib
Siblings 3
Hair ColorNaturally black but dyed into different colors
Eye ColorBlack
Colleges & UniversitiesShannon – Fashion Institute of Technology & Shannade – Parson School of Designs
ProfessionModels, Fashion Designers, Social Media Influencers, and Television Presenters.
Instagram Handle@clermontwins
Twitter Handle @shannonjessie & @shannadejenee
Facebook Handle @clermontwins
Snapchat HandleUnknown
Personal information about Clermont Twins

Music Videos Clermont Twins Appeared In

  • Same Damn Time
  • Real Sisters
  • Gin & Drugs
  • Good Form by Nicki Minaj

Clermont Twins Before Surgery  

The media was very impressed by the disappearance of the Clermont twins. Their fans were asking them about it after season 14 of their Bad Gals Club series.

Within a short time, they came back to the media with a different and totally transformed, med body and shape. Their followers were like this is not Clermont Twins that we know.

But the twins made it known to their followers that is them but they went for plastic surgery that’s why. So,e of their body that changed was their nose, body shape, boobs, ass, and their entire facial appearance.

They also impressed their fans and followers with their bleached skin after their plastic surgery.

Comments From Followers on Clermont Twins Before Surgery  

Updates will be given on the comments their followers made after their successful surgery.

Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club – The Bad Girls Club Season 14 features Jasmine Carter, Christina as Tina, Alives, Lauren Lewis, Shannon Clermont, Shannade Clermont, Jelaminah Lanier, Kat Florek, and the (photos by Tim or Oxygen or Media or NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) color image. full length, arts culture and entertainment, horizontal, USA, portrait, radio, television show, smiling, California city, city of Los Angeles, outdoors, child, girls, reality tv, choice, tattoo, season, jasmine.

Joseline Hernandez Celebrated Her Birthday Anniversary

A blossom friend of Shannon Clermont and Shannade Clermont celebrated her birthday which was dated on the 22nd of April 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. The twins attended the Birthday Bash Party at Gold Room to grace the occasion. Photo by Prince Williams or Wirelmage) vertical, photography, celebrities, arts, culture and entertainment, attending, party, social event,birtday, USA, Georgia. The birthday girl was called Joseline Hernandez

Clermont Twins Before Surgery FAQs

What do the Clermont Twins do for a living

Models, Fashion Designers, Social Media Influencers, and Television Presenters.

What surgery did Clermont Twins have

Clermont Twin made it known to their followers in 2020 that they have undergone successful plastic surgery. They did the surgery on their lips, buttock, breast, and all of their body.

Where is the current residence of Clermont Twins now

Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.

What Season is Shannon and Shannade on

Shannon and Shannade known as the Clermont twins joined the Bad Girls Club in 2015 in season 14.

Who are Clermont Twins

Shannon Jessie Clermont & Shannade Jenee Clermont

I hope this article helped you access the needed information about Clermont Twins.

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