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Carlton Mccoy Parents – Meet The Parents Of The Popular Sommelier

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Carlton Mccoy Parents – Who are Carlton Mccoy parents? Are they rich or poor? All you need to know about the parents of the President and CEO of Heitz Cellar

Who Is Carlton Mccoy – Short Bio

Carlton Mccoy is a popluarl American bussinessman who is the CEO of Heitz Celler multi-million wine making company loacted in Napa Valley.

His exact deate of borth is not known but it’s believe he was born in the early 1990 making him 32 years now. He grew up in southeast Washington, DC and was named a master sommelier when he was just 28 years old.

Because he spent most of his chilhood days with his grandmother who was a serial cook and baker, Mccoy grew up to love cooking and in high school, he enrolled in a sponored Culinary arts program.

At home, his family loved whisey and beer so it was predicabvle that she will grow up towork in the food and beverages sector.

After graduating from America Institute of Culinary, Carlton Mccoy enrolled in the followig instuotuons to imporve his skills; Thomas Keller’s Per Se, Marcus Samuelsson’s Aquavit, Tom Colicchio’s Craft Steak in New York and Eric
Zeibold’s CityZen at The Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC.

In 2013, he earned an MS title and was automatically promoted to become a wine director.

In Decmeber 2018 Carlton was chosen as the president and became the CEO of Heitz Cellar. With the execption of making wine, he has also starred in a TV documentary titled Nomad

To crown it all he has featured in Forbes “30 Under 30” list once.

Carlton Mccoy Parents

Carlton has revealed through a series of interviews that both of his parents were herione addicts. Due to his mother’s herione addiction, she died when Carlton was only three years old.

His father was also no where to found after his mother’s death and that is why he went to stay with his parternal grandparents

Carlton Mccoy Parents names For thier names, he has decided to keep them a secret for raosn best known to him.

His love for making food and beverages was dervied from his grandmother who liked to cook, bake and make smoothies.

Carlton Mccoy Sibling

He was not born alone. He has brothers and sisters but there’s no available information about them on the internet.

Carlton Mccoy Wife And Children

The popular sommelier is married to Elleree Fletcher who is a gallerist and an artist. It’s uncertain how many years they have been together now.

They dont share any kids at the moment.

Carlton Mccoy Family And Jewish Ethnicity

According to him, his father is African American while her late  mother’s family is Jewish. His he was raied by his father’s parents, he considres himself to share African roots.

Carlton Mccoy Parents FAQs

He comes from Anacostia, a highcrime area of Washington, DC.

What is Nomad on CNN?

It is an original series on CNN about the master sommeliern Carlton Mccoy.

Where can I watch CNN Nomad?


What High School Did Carlton Mccoy Go

Anacostia Senior High School


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