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Ashley Reeves Injury Photos

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Ashley Reeves Injury Photos – In this article, we are going to talk about Ashley Reeves and what happened to her teacher who attempted to murder her but was unsuccessful in the process.

Who Is Ashley Reeves Story Life Time

Ashley Reeves was born in 1989, her exact date of birth is currently unknown but it has been verified that she was born in Belleville located in the state of Illinois, United States.

Her mother is Michelle Reeves and her father is Green Koenig. Her siblings’ names have also been given as Madison Koenig and Daniel Koenig.

Not much is known about Ashley’s education and how she grew up because she was unknown until 2006 when she became popular after surviving an attempted murder by Samson Shelton who was her instructor and lover at that time.

Ashley Reeves Murder

In 2006, Samson Shelton made the first attempt on Ashely Reeves’s life but he was unsuccessful. He later tried to throw her out of a moving car but that also failed.

All this while, Sam and Ashley were dating and trying to work things out but nothing seemed to work for the two lovers.

Sam who was a drug addict and alcoholic also tried to suffocate Ashley to death by using pillows after his two failed attempts.

Ashely became self-aware that her life was at serious risk because Samson had made three attempts to take her life.

In 2007, Ashely who was just 17 years old by then mysteriously went missing. her mother tried to reach out to her on phone several times but all the attempts proved futile.

She later called Sam to ask if he had seen Ashely to which he replied that NO.

Shelton was also 26 years old by that time but was not suspected because Ashley’s boyfriend Jeremy was targeted as the prime suspect by the police.

And to make matters worse, Ashley had used Jeremy’s car a day before her disappearance but fortunately for him, Ashley’s family went through her phone and found out that Sam Shelton was the last person she spoke to.

The police quickly arrested Sam and upon interrogation, he lied that he had not seen Ashely, after he was pressed harder, he confessed that he had strangled her to death.

Sam Shelton initially thought that Ashely had died but after the police rushed to the scene, Ashely had not died yet, she was rushed to the hospital and became paralyzed.

Ashley Reeves Injury Photos

Ashley Reeves Injury Photos are scattered on the internet. They are very gory to watch therefore we can’t share them here.

Ashley Reeves Recovery

Now that we’ve talked about Ashley Reeves Injury Photos – Let’s take a look at her recovery. Ashely recovered after spending months at the hospital.

She spent days and nights, learning how to talk, eat, move her limbs and even take pictures because she went into an induced coma before regaining consciousness.

Is the instructor Sam Shelton still behind bars?

Yes, Sam Shelton is still behind bars and won’t be released until 2024. In 2006, she was placed under house arrest but after protests from people, she was sent to jail.

Meanwhile, Sam had attempted to take his own life after consuming a cocktail of various prescription drugs and alcohol just to escape serving a jail term.

Sam’s lawyer’s argued that their client was suffering from a mental condition but their plea was rubbished by the court and on April 27, 2007, he received a 20-year-jail term.

Sam Shelton Ashley Reeves wedding

Before attempting to Kill, Sam Shelton wanted to marry Ashley Reeves. Meanwhile, Sam was 26 and Ashley was just 17 years old by that time.

Many people frowned on their engagement and impending marriage.

Ashley Reeves Survivor Married

Ashley Reeves and Sam Shelton never married although they were engaged. Meanwhile, Sam has alleged in an interview that he wanted to marry Ashely because he loved her very much.

Where is Ashley Reeves today

Ashley Reeves is enjoying her life with her two children somewhere in the US. Her location can’t be disclosed.

Left for dead: the ashley reeves story wikipedia

It is a movie about the life of Ashley Reeves about how she spent 30 hours in the cold gravely wounded.

Who did Ashley Reeves marry

Multiple reports on the internet suggest that Ashley Reeves married her childhood boyfriend Jeremy Smit for a period of 12 months.

What did Sam do to Ashley Reeves

On 26, April 2006, Sam Shelton tri to strangle Ashley Reeves to death 3 times and left her outside in the cold convinced that she was dead.


This article talked about Ashley Reeves Injury Photos – We also discussed some of the highlights of the attempted murder by Sam Shelton on her life.

Ashley Reeves Injury Photos can be found on Reddit.

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