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Actress Vivian Jill reveals her real father for the first time

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Ghanaians have the notion that when you are a celebrity you need to always hide your brother, sister, father or mother from the public.

A lot of people say that a lot of bad luck that will reach you may come through your weak family members. Most of the time, we tend to believe such stories. But most of the time these stories are untrue of thy are false.

Celebrities may just decide to keep their family members off the grid for some personal reasons but not because they are afraid of the general public or what they might do to them.

Today, in this article, we would talk about Vivian Jill and her latest picture revealing her father.

The popular and very talented Ghanaian Kumawood Actress, Vivian Jill Lawrence is said to also be of a Scottish descent. Many people doubted this. Her mother is a Ghanaian while her father is Scottish.

Over the years, there was no single time that Vivian had ever shown the face of her Father to the public. She recently took a picture with her father. She really looks like her dad. MadamVivian Jill is actually the first child of her Dad.

This was actually the first time that this popular Actress posted her father.