Netizens react as a young girl caught smoking weed goes viral

worrying video that has landed on the internet and shocked a lot of Ghanaians in the process captures the moment a girl believed to be just 8 years old was secretly filmed heavily smoking marijuana.

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In the video, the little girl who definitely lacks parental care sneaked into a place believed to be the sitting arena of the weed smoking in the community to also smoke her lungs out.

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Apparently, the young girl has been studying the ways of some weed smoking she normally sees either at home or outside the house because she was smoking like an adult with lots of experience.

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At a point in the video, she inhaled the smoke and later puffed it out like a trained weed smoker who has been in the act for more than 5 years.

Majority of the comments under the video suggest the girl in the trending video is probably homeless and only feeds from the people who normally send her on errands to get them hard drugs and weed.

A lot of social media users shave called on the gender and children ministry to immediately seek the whereabouts of the girl because she needs help.

Others have also opined that her parents must be arrested if they are alive because they have neglected her to live the life of a full adult which is very bad.