Fans React As Hajia 4 Real Asked To Go To Mecca After Dirty Party With Strippers

Hajia 4 Real is under pressure to embark on a pilgrimage to Mecca after her recent dirty party with strippers!

A popular Ghanaian police officer, widely known as Hajia Police has asked Hajia 4 Real to go to Mecca in order to qualify for the title Hajia.

According to her, the title Hajia is earned after a Muslim has visited the holy land of Mecca but some people are misusing it.

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In an interview, Hajia Police revealed, ‘In Ghana, some people think they have the right to use any name or title they want but some people have realized that using the name Hajia isn’t okay so they have changed.’

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She made mention of HajIa 4 Real, noting she has stopped calling herself Hajia and gone back to using her own name Mona 4 Real after realising that is wrong.

Hajia Police has advised Hajia 4 Real to travel to make the Islamic pilgrimage at least once in her lifetime since she has never travelled to Mecca before.

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‘Even though she’s a Moslem but she’s never gone for a Hajj pilgrimage so I’ll advise her to embark on a trip to Mecca this year because she has been using the Hajia name for quite a long time,’ she said.

Meanwhile, Hajia 4 Real shut down the whole of Accra during her 30th birthday party.