5 Reasons Why You Should Sometimes Walk Away From Relationship

Have you ever walked away from a relationship while still in love? It’s hard, right? Sometimes we fall so much in love and even when we are being treated badly we cannot just give up because we feel like we cannot live without that person. The connection becomes so strong that even after breaking up, the desire to go back to them becomes so unbearable. Here are 5 reasons why you should never return to a broken relationship.


1. THEY WILL NEVER RESPECT YOU; Respect is very important for a healthy relationship, so if your partner never respected you what would make you think that they will develop one after breaking up? They are definitely going to treat you negatively and have no value of whatever you say or make in the relationship. Relationships are about trust.

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2. THEY WON’T TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY; Before you decide to go back to a person, first think of why you left them in the first place. Taking them back is just giving them the right to mistreat you again since you’re making it clear that you cannot live without them. Breaking up with someone you are madly in love with may feel like the end of the world, but just take time to be by yourself and get to know you again.

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3. THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE; If you left your partner because you felt they were no good for you, there’s no point in thinking of going back to them. If they really loved you they could have changed their bad habits. Imagine how difficult it is for you to change a habit and change how you are as a person – now realise how difficult it would be to change somebody else. It’s not going to happen.

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4. IT MIGHT TURN INTO ABUSE; A toxic relationship can easily turn into abuse, whether physical, emotional, or psychological. Never let back anything that caused you pain, as change is not guaranteed in a toxic relationship. What happened previously is likely to happen again, even if it’s not immediate.

5. IT’S UNHEALTHY; An unhealthy relationship can lead to so many health problems and can make one feel worthless, hopeless, or both! People are to be cherished, loved, and protected in a relationship. If your partner never values you then what’s the point?