Full details of sir John’s son and tall list of properties he got from his dad’s will pops up

Late Sir John’s issues has come as a result of the emergence of his will online. The will which was obviously prepared before July 1, 2020.
when he passed away, shows the former NPP General Secretary to have acquired a lot of properties.

Of more interest to Ghanaians is the inclusion of parcels of lands at the Achimota Forest as part of the properties Sir John who passed away as the CEO of the Forestry Commission left behind.

One of the beneficiaries of Sir John’s controversial lands at the Achimota Forest among other properties is his son, Yaw Amoateng Afriyie. Afriyie got a substantial amount of properties.

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Sir John’s properties to his son Lands Apart from getting one acre as his share of the Achimota Forest lands, Yaw Amoateng inherited a plot of land at Millenium City Estates, Kasoa. He also got a plot of land at Mempeasem, East Legon, and 0.40 acres at Ogbojo.


For houses, Amoateng got a four-bedroom house with a security pst at Ogbojo, East Legon, with land title certificate number TDA 4140 and another four-bedroom house in the same area with certificate number GA 54480. He also got a 3 bedroom apartment out of a four-storey building his father owned at East Legon.

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Amoateng inherited three cars from his father. They include Lexus V8 (LX570), Ford Fusion, and a Lexis V6.

Cash and investments.

Amoateng and his siblings will have an equal share of all the monies left in their father’s bank accounts at NIB, CBG, FIDELITY, and ADB. He will also have an equal share of a two million cedis investment at ADB and a GHC250,000 investment at NTHC Properties. Sir John also stipulated his shared of proceeds from two gold investments he made be divided among Amoateng and his siblings equally.

  • Other items 
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Sir John also willed that Amoateng be given one of the five pump action guns he owned while his clothes be also shared among Amoateng and his nephews.