Fetish Priestess Runs To Jesus After Her Gods Failed Her To Vanish During Gory Accident

Margaret Kesewaa, a 23-year-old fetish priestess and drug addict, has given up idol worship and come to Christ when her gods failed to save her from a gruesome traffic accident.

“I have worshipped the gods for eight years and made several sacrifices, but they were unable to preserve me from this accident,” she claimed.

She claims she ran into this disaster while traveling from Kibi to Kumasi. She went undiscovered at the time, but was eventually identified the next day and taken to Koforidua’s St. Joseph Hospital. Multiple fractures in her legs and waist plagued her.

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According to Mybrytfmonline.com report, she met Elder Osafo Afari Ampene, an elder of The Church of Pentecost in the Kibi District, after she was released from the hospital, and he led her to accept Christ and rescue her from the evil spirits’ grip.

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Her idols were set ablaze by the District Minister of Kibi, Pastor Jacob Coffie Agbesi.

Margaret Kesewaa, who was later baptized in water, now worships in the Kibi District’s New Town Assembly. “I have understood that no one gives life save God,” she said of her faith in Christ. I had no idea God was so nice.”

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Margaret explained that, despite her excitement in a new life in Christ, her family and friends had abandoned her as a result of her conversion.

The Suhum Area, led by Pastor Anthony Eghan Kwesi Ekuban, the Kibi District, and the New Town Assembly, have adopted her and have been assisting her.