Don’t despise little things — Prophet Jones K. Korsinah to Christians

Prophet Jones K. Korsinah, Head Pastor, God’s Haven Ministries. The head pastor of God’s Haven Ministries, Prophet Jones K. Korsinah has charged Christians against despising little things, since they transform from those little stages to greater heights.

Speaking on the theme, “The mystery of the Seed”, Prophet Korsinah pointed out that the little seed of the maize and rice, if planted, will bring forth more grains that can fill a bag. However, given in their little stages one will always despise it.

It was against this background that he was admonishing people against despising little things as grains in their small stages, as it was from those stages they multiply to fill bags. He pointed out that what was needed in such situations was patience since different kinds of seeds have different maturity times.

Prophet Korsinah made this known through a powerful sermon in the auditorium of the church located at Sampa Valley which is off the Mallam-Kasoa Road.

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He was at a loss as to why the youth of today in particular, in their quest to reach higher heights, refuse to see that they should go through a laid down process just as a seed goes through sowing, germination, maturity and harvest.

“We always want to get big without realizing that we have to go through the due process. All of us were once seeds in our mothers’ womb”, he stressed.

Prophet Jones K. Korsinah

He noted with regret that these days on social media, people in their quest to exhibit greatness fake greatly by their various posts on the media.

He stated that as a result of this, people tend to pray prayers that go a long way to blaspheme God, and yet see nothing wrong with that. He also noted that the act has also pushed some ambitious youth who want riches use dubious means, forgetting that they will answer this before their Creator one day.

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Before anybody becomes great, he has to go through a process like a seed. If you don’t respect the process of becoming great, and try to beat it. It will rather beat you! We should all then learn the mystery of the seed, and try to be patient“, he emphasized and added that “When you appreciate your seed, you are on your way to harvest and greatness!”

Ghana must sow her seed and learn from it

Prophet Korisnah noted that Ghana has been so blessed by God that she has been endowed with many natural resources including agrarian lands and water bodies –various rivers and sea.

He pointed out that by this, Ghana should not be poor, as her large tracks of fallow agrarian lands could be cultivated into profitable ventures for food both for local consumption and export. In the same vein the numerous abundant water bodies including the sea, could be exploited to her full benefit.

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Citing the story of Jesus, where he charged Peter to go fishing and use the money therein the fish’s mouth to pay their taxes, Prophet Korsinah indicated that the revelation from this story is that our river bodies contain resources that can take in sufficient revenue for the development of the country.

In so doing, the question of controversial taxes as the E-levy, foreign-based borrowing and unemployment could be done away with and prosperity will be the lot of Ghana.

Prophet Korsinah could not comprehend why in the face of all these natural and human resources, poverty should stir in the face of the country. He subsequently implored those at the helm of affairs to take note of this and turn the country’s sad story into a successful one.

Written by: By Agnes Ansah & S.O Ankamah