Kwadwo Sheldon Descends On Loudmouthed Archipalago For ‘Disrespecting’ Asakaa Boys

Ghanaian Youtuber Kwadwo Sheldon has verbally abused loudmouthed musician Archipalago over comments he made on the Asakaa Boys.

On Twitter space, Kwadwo Sheldon did not mince words when he used very strong language to describe the person of Achipalago and to trash-talk his craft.

According to him, Archipalago lacked the moral authority and social capital to drag the Asakaa Boys over disrespect and disloyalty.

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Archipalago in recent days have been hitting on the Asakaa Boys by describing them as ingrates. According to him, after all the support he rendered to their career, they have failed to acknowledge him accordingly.

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Describing himself as the ‘Youth President” – a moniker that pisses Kwadwo Sheldon and many others – Archipalago has been sent to the cleaners for turning against the Asakaa Boys and rising against their rise.

Kwadwo Sheldon has said Archipalago has had a failed music career and has failed in all facets of his music-making life to stay relevant. He rubbished his craft, dragged his reputation and descended heavily on him.

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Archiapalago was urged to allow the Asakaa Boys a breathing space and not to stifle their growth with uncouth yet unsolicited attacks.

Listen To His Outburst Below.