Bishop Kwabena Assiamah Jams To Shatta Wale’s ‘Ay3 Halfcast’ Live On Radio [Watch]

Bishop Kwabena Assiamah popularly known as Ajagurajah jams to Shatta Wale’s ‘Ay3 Halfcast’ song during a live interview.

In an interview on Kingdom plus radio, Ajagurajah was asked why a Christian bishop will jam to a circular song instead of gospel.

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In response, Ajagurajah made it clear to the host that, he isn’t a Christian and he chooses to jam to the good songs he wants to dance too.

He also revealed his intentions to marry a halfcast woman in his early stages in life which wasn’t possible so the song remembers him of his childhood dream and that makes him love the song so much regardless of the meaning of the song.