The World Celebrates Celine Dion’s 58th Birthday With Beautiful Messages On Twitter – Check

Who’s never spent an evening with friends belting out at least one of these chart-toppers : My Heart Will Go On, I’m Alive or The Power of Love ?

The most famous Canadian singer in the world celebrates her 54th birthday this March 30th and in celebration we’re taking a look how the fans on social media are celebrating her.

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Iconic singer Celine Dion has the most recognized voices of all time.

Her beautiful voice and her type of songs garnered her a lot of fans around the globe.

Celine Dion is an household name in everywhere in the world.

Today being her birthday, fans across globe are out to celebrates their iconic singer by showering her with glamourous birthday wishes.

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Not only fans did we captured wishing her but record labels, news portals and her colleagues in the game.

Below are beautiful messages copied from twitter.

From Legacy Recordings Happy birthday to the record-breaking queen.