#Francey22; This Is An Arranged Marriage, It Will Collapse In 6 Months – Oboy Siki

Kumawood lover boy Oboy Siki has rubbished the wedding of Tracey Boakye and her husband Frank as an arranged marriage that will collapse in six months.

Speaking in a recent interview, Siki said there is no way their marriage will last because it is fake.

“I don’t see it as marriage, I see it as a trick, I feel they sat and plotted something,” he said.

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According to him, he doesn’t see it as a marriage ordained by God.

“It’s not the type of marriage that God said the two shall become one. It’s not God’s plan … what they have done is like cover-up,” he continued.

“Their marriage will not go far. If it reaches six months it means their marriage contract is six months. This is because my daughter can go six months without social media, that’s where she does everything but with a good marriage, you can’t do that” Oboy Siki said.

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He added: “No responsible man will allow his wife to go on social media to talk unless he is not responsible unless the man is also like that. Then it means they all sat on social media and agreed to marry, if that’s the case then it can end in 30 minutes” 

In conclusion he said: “So what they have done is below the belt … it’s a planned thing. Ghanaians shouldn’t take it as marriage. I know how marriages are organized … this is no