Shut up when the poor is venting about hardship in Ghana – Lydia Forson fires rich, connected people

Actress Lydia Forson believes that rich and well connected people need to shut up when people struggling to make ends meet complain about the hardship in Ghana.

She is of the belief that people with the needed connections and money need not condemn people who are genuinely struggling to make life comfortable.

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Lydia Forson made her position on the current struggles Ghanaians are going through known in a tweeter.

She said “If you’re rich or connected to people in power and don’t have to worry too much about where your next meal comes from, how to pay advance rent or fuel please STFU up when people are venting.

The actress indicates that people who vent over issues do not have any other avenue to and therefore should be left to tell their stories on the hardships in the country.

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“That’s all some have at the end of the day, allow them their moment of frustration.

There is hardship in Ghana. The living standard is currently very expensive and is very worrying. Fuel prices keep increasing and that has total effect on the pricing of all goods and services in the country.