Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2010 lists businesses she built from her fame

Capitalising on fame to develop one’s self is what some people forget to exploit when they have the opportunity, but that is not the case for Ghanaian beauty queen, Ama.

Winner of Ghana’s Most Beautiful in 2010 and Miss Earth Ghana 2011, Nana Ama Agyeiwaa, has said she is taking entrepreneurship seriously despite her title as a former beauty queen.

“I am doing all I can to get some businesses out there. I believe entrepreneurship is the way to go. I studied Child Psychology and out of that, I have been able to set up a Montessori school. East Royale Montessori School.

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Then I have a water company, Aqua Gold Mineral Water, which is doing well too. That is not all, I have a few things coming up. I just don’t want to be hit with any surprises in the future,” she said.

Sharing her experience on entrepreneurship with Graphic Showbiz, Ama noted, “Nothing good comes easy and the entrepreneurship path is not different. It takes an extra spirit to be able to make it through but I am glad little by little, I am getting there.”

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However, she has encouraged people to surround themselves with supportive friends because that helped her when she started operating her school.

“Friendship is something we don’t really make a big deal of, but we should. Have people who have your back, who will support you and everything you do.

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“When I started operating the Montessori school, I had friends who were living far away from the school but were willing to bring their children to my school and I refused. They insisted on knowing how to support me and then I gave birth to the water production idea. Their support has been amazing and that is what I am talking about,” she disclosed.

Source | Ghanaweb