Delay confirms d@ting rumours with Amerado?

Delay may have left a cryptic message in his latest episode of the Delay Show. In the video, Delay hints at a blooming relationship with a 26-year old boy.

Amerado and Delay, for several weeks, have teased the public with snippets of lovey-dovey moments on camera. Whilst many are rooting for the duo, others believe the age gap between the two should be a deal-breaker.

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Before the show, in her usual fashion, Delay launched into a monologue about Sally Galley celebrating her husband on Val’s day. After heaping praises on the former for the heartfelt message she penned to her husband, Delay added, “Looking at the way, I spent Valentine’s day alone. Lonely in the room with songs from Cecelia Marfo, you can tell that a person is needy. And I keep thinking if I have a 26-year-old boy with fresh blood, 2023, I will really enjoy with him.”

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So who is this mysterious 26-year old boy occupying Delay’s mind?